Lisa Zazzarino
Ranprem Kaur

Lisa M Zazzarino aka Ranprem Kaur: Lisa is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Organic Chef, and Clinical Nutrtionists. She is committed to serving others in their quest to discover good health, peace of mind and a spiritual connection, which she truly believes is available to everyone. She has practiced many forms of Yoga during her lifetime, and in her quest for the light that resides in her own soul, she found Kundalini Yoga. After her first Kundalini Yoga class she knew this was the form of Yoga she had been seeking. The repetitious movement, mantras and meditations evoked a sensation that could not go unnoticed. Lisa’s hope is that through her love, devotion, and daily practice to this “Righteous Movement” she can assist others to find their SAT NAM. Love and service is the mantra.

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