Annie Morgan
Harchanan Kaur

ANNIE MORGAN ~ Harchanan Kaur

Having found that yoga had healed her debilitating back injury and profoundly shifted her outlook, Annie wanted to learn more about this ancient healing art.  She went on to study Rahini Yoga with Dr. Dean Telano for 7 years, earning both a 200 hour and a 550 hour certification.   During that time she also had the opportunity to study with several Tibetan Bon Buddhist lamas, and is a certified meditation teacher. In December 2015, Annie completed an illuminating Kundalini Teacher Training with Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa and Nirbhe Kaur Khalsa, and continues to expand her Kundalini experience through classes in our community.  Her teaching approach is gentle and compassionate, with a sprinkling of fun and dynamic energy work. Annie gives students practical tools to use throughout the practice, and to take with them to utilize in their everyday lives.
E-RYT 200/ RYT 500, CMT (Certified Meditation Teacher), RMT (Reiki Master/Teacher) KRI certified

Rahini Yoga is a fusion of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Yogic Healing Movements. Through specific breath-work, visualization, sound vibration, root warm-ups, and asana flows, the physical and energy bodies are tuned to a more natural state promoting the free flow of breath/energy and increased blood and lymphatic circulation.   Whether presented in a gentle or challenging format, Rahini Yoga creates a shift in the subtle energies which brings the body, mind, and spirit into a place of greater balance and wellness.

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