Kundalini Meditation & Extended Gong

Open with warm-ups to open and loosen your spine, hips and whole body. Then experience 11-31 minutes of Kundalini Yoga meditation to awaken wisdom within, clear the subconscious mind, enhance intuition, manage stress, and connect you with your inner essence. Kundalini Yoga meditations often include pranayam, mantra, dristi, mudras and bandhas.

Then surrender into an extended gong savasana (relaxation). You will be guided and prepared to deeply relax and receive the healing energies of the gong. Gong vibrations can clear the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, organize emotional energies, revitalize the glandular, nervous and immune systems, open and align chakras, and clear the magnetic field. Gong carries you into a meditative state, and supports integrative healing of the whole self. The more gong sessions one attends, the better the results. Gong is excellent therapy for all stress-related issues, depression, fatigue, feelings of separation or loneliness, and many other conditions caused by a lack of balance and harmony in the body or mind.

All levels are welcome. Chairs and multiple meditation cushions are available.

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