Gentle Yoga

In Chair Yoga, almost any yoga pose can be duplicated.  The chair offers support for those who have difficulty getting on and off the floor but is also beneficial for anyone at any level of yoga.  Typically a class begins with seated meditation nad a warm up of all joints and body parts.  We then move into Sun Salutation and/or themed poses eg; heart opening, hip opening, shoulder strength and opening.  The chair is also uses as a prop and assist for balance as we stand on the mat.  We end with a cool down and a fun song.  One student actually found chair yoga more challenging than her regular gentle yoga class.  So come and try it for yourself.  See you on the chair!

Kim was certified to teach Laksmi Voelker Chair Yoga in the fall of 2016. She also takes the poses off the chair and uses it as a prop.

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